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Special Permit Information

Department Special Permits

What Is A Department Special Use Permit And Where Do They Authorize Parking?

Boise State University Departments may purchase Department Special Use Permits, available in two hour (D-2), four hour (D-4), and eight hour (D-8) increments. University Staff and Faculty members may display a Department Special Use Permit in conjunction with his or her personal BSU General or Reserve Parking Permit, authorizing parking in the following areas for the increment of time specified on the Department Special Use Permit decal:

General Permit Areas, Reserve Permit Areas, The Administration Visitors’ Lot, Parking Structures, and Metered Stalls. Department Special Use Permits also extend the authorized amount of time in designated Loading Zones to thirty (30) minutes.


How Long Is A Department Special Use Permit Valid And What Are The Prices?

Department Special Use Permits are issued to be valid for the BSU Fiscal Year: July 1st through June 30th. Please ensure that your Department submits the request to renew Department Special Use Permits prior to the expiration date, and allows for a minimum of two weeks advance notice.
Request Form Link: (Category: Permits; Form: Day Pass/Validation Stamp/Department Permit Request)

Link to Department Special Use Permit Prices:


How Are Department Special Use Permits To Be Displayed?

The Department Special Use Permit static cling decal is to be affixed to the inside of the vehicle’s windshield, driver’s side, lower corner. It may be placed adjacent to or just above or below the Faculty or Staff member’s personal General or Reserve Parking Permit. The static cling decal is designed to be easily removed from the windshield and transferred between vehicles. To recharge the static cling decal, remove any dust or soil from the decal and gently rub it on clothing.

Who Is Allowed To Use Department Special Use Permits And For What Purposes Are They Authorized?

Department Special Use Permits are for the express use of University Staff and Faculty. Students, Vendors, Contractors, and other Campus Visitors are not authorized to use this type of Permit.

Department Special Use Permits may only be used to perform work-related functions that require a Staff or Faculty member to use his or her personal vehicle and to park in areas not provided under his or her personal BSU Parking Permit, such as:
  • To attend work-related meetings in other locations on campus
  • To pick-up and deliver work-related supplies, equipment, etc.
Department Special Use Permits are not intended for Staff and Faculty use for personal purposes, such as:
  • To attend classes
  • To improve the parking location of one’s personal BSU Parking Permit

Does The Staff Or Faculty Member Need To Have His Or Her Own BSU General or Reserve Parking Permit In Order To Utilize Department Specials Use Permits?

In order to be valid, D-2, D-4, & D-8 Department Special Use Permits must be displayed in conjunction with a current BSU General or Reserve Parking Permit. In Accordance with BSU Policy #6000 and Transportation & Parking Services Rules And Regulations, Departments may not use University Funds to purchase individual Staff or Faculty Parking Permits for use in a personal vehicle. Staff and Faculty members must purchase his or her own General or Reserve Parking Permit.

Are There Any Permit Areas Where Department Special Use Permits Are Not Valid?

Department 2 Hour (D2), 4 Hour (D4), and 8 Hour (D8) Special Use Permits allow Boise State employee parking permit holders to park for the specified amount of time in the following locations:

Commuter permit areas, Reserve permit areas, The Plaza lots, and parking structures. Meter use is allowed when no open lot spaces are available. Department Special Use Permits also extend the authorized length of time in designated Loading Zones to 30 minutes. In order to be valid, D2, D4, & D8 Department Special Use Permits must be displayed in conjunction with a current Boise State University Commuter or Reserve Permit. These permits are for use only while conducting official University business. Department Special Use Permits do NOT authorize parking in any Residential permit areas. D2, D4, & D8 Department Special Use Permits are NOT valid during home football games or other events on campus.

Long-Term (Yearly) Visitor Permits

Departments that have frequent visitors, that do not fall under the criteria of Volunteers, Lectures and Special Guests, may purchase these annual permits. Permits are valid for one year from date of purchase.
Places valid and costs vary.


• Not valid for use by Boise State University students, faculty or staff.


Permit holders may be asked not to park in the Boise State lots when events are scheduled.

Special Permits definition

Special permits allow accommodation of persons in situations that do not fit readily into usual categories. A complete and accurate license plate number must be given and all outstanding obligations to Boise State Transportation & Parking Services paid to obtain any special parking permit. Special permits must be filled out completely to be valid. It is the responsibility of the departments arranging for special parking permits to educate the visitor as to where a permit is valid. Boise State University students, faculty and staff members are responsible for advising their visitors of parking rules and regulations. Special Permit owners must comply with University traffic and parking regulations and are responsible for such compliance by users of those vehicles. Vehicles displaying special parking permits found in violation of parking regulations will be ticketed, and the permit holder will be obligated to pay all fines incurred. Misuse of any special parking permit by students, faculty, staff or campus visitors will result in the permit being voided, vehicle being ticketed and/or towed away, and/or parking privileges of the permit holder being revoked.

Temporary Employees

Boise State departments utilizing temporary employees may obtain special parking permits valid in general permit areas only at no charge for up to 30 calendar days. After that, the department or the employee is to purchase a parking permit.
No-charge for 30 calendar days.

University Personnel/University Vehicle Special Circumstances

The following are relevant to situations typically encountered by University departments and personnel in dealing with parking matters.
University Vehicle Permits:
University vehicles attached to departments will not be required to display parking permits while parked in University-designated compounds or the designated University vehicle parking lot (general permit required area of Health Science Riverside, HSR). However, all University vehicles parked overnight in other general or reserved parking areas are required to purchase reserved or general permits. No permits will be sold to University vehicles in the Visitor lots.
From June 1, valid to end of following academic year.

Vendors, Contractors, and Members of the Press

These and other groups or individuals frequently doing business on campus, are eligible to  purchase yearly vendor permits renewable at current permit rates. Long-term vendor permit  requests should be submitted on letterhead stationery with names of employees and the make, year and license plate numbers of vehicles eligible for permit use. Subsequent changes should be covered by updated letters. Typically a vendor parking permit is valid in areas indicated on the permit, usually for 2 hours in designated permit areas. It is not valid for Boise State student, faculty or staff use; violators may be cited and/or towed.
Ongoing, annual renewal, valid 12 months from date of purchase;

Contractor’s Day Permits:

For those contractor vehicles parking outside a construction site compound allowing them to park in areas designated on the permit for the day issued.

Volunteers, Lecturers, and Special Guests

If requested by the sponsoring department,no-charge permits for parking in general permit areas. These are available for volunteers, lecturers, or special guests who donate their time and/or services to the University. Current students, faculty and staff are not eligible for this permit type. Departments may purchase parking permits for special guests, lecturers, and visitors who are given compensation of any type for services rendered.

Workshops, Seminars, and Educational Programs

Students and instructors may purchase parking permits valid in areas designated on the permit for up to five days, prorated at the effective rate for equivalent Day Parking Permits, for workshops or seminars. Alternatively, those attending longer, or multiple workshops/seminars might wish to purchase General parking permits.

In addition:

Special Program patron parking permits are available (valid at locations and for specific days, times, and sessions listed on the permits) for Fall, Spring, or Summer sessions of youth and special programs sponsored by Boise State (music, gymnastic , and Kinesiology programs, for example)…