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University Policy #9010

Campus Security and Police Services and Transportation and Parking Services may enforce aspects of University Policy #9010.

1. Safety Violations (Campus Security and Police Services) – The following actions are considered to be safety violations and subject the violator to a $25.00 fine:

  • Riding in a pedestrian priority zone
  • Failure to yield right-of-way
  • Failure to obey posted bicycle regulations on campus

2. Other non-moving violation fines (Transportation and Parking Services):

  • Attaching a bicycle to anything other than a bicycle rack (which could jeopardize life and safety codes) ($40.00)
  • Reclaiming bicycles ($15.00)

3. Handling Violation Payment

  • A bicycle violation notice may be appealed
  • A ticket may be forgiven by attending a Bicycle Safety Class
  • A fine must be paid within fourteen calendar days of issuance

Reclaiming Abandoned and Inoperable Bicycles

Once a bicycle has been tagged for impoundment, the owner will have seventy-two (72) hours to remove the tag as a sign of their knowledge of the bicycle’s condition and intent to rectify it before their bicycle will be officially impounded.

Once impounded, the bicycle will be held for sixty (60) days in a secure location. Before this time expires the owner should contact Parking’s Bicycle program at 208-780-9743 or 208-426-PARK. Boise State is not responsible for replacing locks, chains, and/or cables destroyed during the impound procedure.

Transportation and Parking Services will contact the owner if possible.

To reclaim an impounded bicycle, the owner must show evidence of ownership by unlocking the bicycle, showing a registration with the Boise Police Department or showing a bill of sale. The claimant must also sign an affidavit of claim of ownership. Call Transportation and Parking Services at 426-7275 or 780-9743 to begin the process.

After the sixty (60) calendar day waiting period, if the bicycle is not reclaimed, Boise State may dispose of the property at its sole discretion.

Please see the image below to see where the Pedestrian Priority Zones are.
Pedestrian Priority Zone Map