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Vendor/Contractor Permit Information

Two types of Permits are available to companies and organizations requiring parking on BSU Campus and are issued upon determination of your needs:

Vendor Permits

Vendor Permits are available to those companies or organizations making frequent and short duration visits to the BSU campus in order to perform job functions. Access to various parking facilities on campus are approved on a qualified basis. The initial Annual Vendor Permit is at a cost of $190.00. Additional Vendor Permits may be purchased, pending approval, at a cost of $44.00 apiece.

Contractor Permits

Contractor Permits are available to those companies or organizations performing job functions that require parking on BSU campus on a more daily basis and for a longer duration of time. Access to parking facilities are approved on a qualified basis and according to availability in those parking facilities closest to where job functions are to be performed. The cost of a Contractor Permit is $11.00 a month, or $126.00 a year.

Contractor Permits are also available for use in BSU periphery lots (i.e. Yanke Family Research Park at Parkcenter Blvd, Donna Larsen Sports Complex at Broadway Ave) at a monthly rate of $5.00, or $60.00 a year.

General Guidelines:

These permits are available at Boise State Transportation & Parking Services. Any person purchasing these permits must submit an online form (linked below), stating names of employees using the permits and the make, model, year and license plate numbers of the vehicles to be used. New personnel must submit a new form for their vehicles. Please indicate the area(s) in which you will need access to in order for you to conduct your business on campus. The permit will indicate the legal areas in which you may park. Permits will be valid in these designated areas only. You will be required to comply with all University traffic and parking regulations and shall be responsible for such compliance by all users of your vehicles and permits.

If you choose not to purchase these special parking permits, the following options will be available for parking on campus:

A. Purchase visitor/day passes at $10.00 per day, per permit.

B. Park in a metered parking space and pay the meter.

C. Park in the visitor lot and pay the fees accordingly.

Please feel free to call 426-PARK (7275) if you have any questions concerning these policies.



Request a Vendor or Contractor Permit:

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