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Parking FAQ

faqsignClick the question below to view the answer. If you do not see your question listed below, please contact us.

Where is the Transportation & Parking Services office located?

The office is located at 1700 University Drive, inside the Student Union Building Transit Center (the bus stop area across the street from the Lincoln Garage).

Please use the following Google Maps link to find the Student Union Building. Our Transit Center Office is located by the west entrance: Student Union Building Maps Link

Can I purchase a permit online?

Yes! Permits are available online. You may purchase one permit associated with one of our parking zones. To request a special exception contact our Transit Center Office at 426-7275.

Students living on campus can purchase a permit for the resident zone associated with their housing complex. This information is provided to Transportation and Parking Services by University Housing.

For details on our parking zone structure, please click the following link for more information: Permit Information.

To purchase a permit online, please click the following link: Purchase a permit online

Where can I find the prices for the various permits?

Please click on the link below to view all permit prices:

Permit Prices

Where can I find the Parking Rules and Regulations?

Our rules and regulations are located on our website in an indexed, searchable directory. You may find that directory at the following link:

Online Parking Rules and Regulations Directory

I received a citation. What are my options?

You have two options, to pay or to appeal the citation. If your vehicle was parked in violation of Boise State Rules and Regulations, then paying the citation is the best course of action. Appeals are for those who do not believe their vehicle was parked in violation, and have received the citation in error. You may pay or appeal your citation by following the links below:

Pay Parking Citations Online

Appeal Parking Citations Online

Please note, appeals are not for arguing the validity of a parking policy, or to request an exception to policy, they are ONLY to correct an error for those who received citations while in accordance with policy.

Who sets the Rules and Regulations for parking?

Boise State University Transportation & Parking Services does not set policy or rules and regulations for the parking program on the campus of Boise State University. Parking regulations are made by the University Administration upon recommendation from the “Transportation & Parking Advisory Committee.” This committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and students.

How do I argue or suggest parking policy?

Parking regulations are made by the University Administration upon recommendation from the “Transportation & Parking Advisory Committee.” Any comments, concerns, or recommendations concerning the parking program should be submitted (in writing) to Boise State University Transportation & Parking Services. The department will then present your comments to the University Administration and the Transportation & Parking Advisory Committee for their consideration. Changes of parking regulations are made by the University Administration upon recommendation from the Transportation & Parking Advisory Committee.

To submit a comment, concern, or recommendation for us to pass on to the committee, please contact us.