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Cross-Parking and Intersession Parking


Cross-Parking is defined as the time when permit holders are allowed to park in permit areas other than the one they are normally assigned. For example, Commuter permit holders may park in other Commuter and Reserve surface lots, and Reserve permit holders may park in other Reserve or Commuter surface lots.
Keep in mind however

  • The Administration Lot and the Parking Garages are always pay lots if you do not have the required permit.
  • Garage permit holders may cross-park in Reserve lots, but cannot cross-park into the other campus garage.
  • Commuter and Reserve permit holders may not cross-park into campus Resident parking areas.

Cross-parking is permitted after 4:00 pm – 12:30 am Monday through Friday and all day long on Saturdays and Sundays. All Commuter and Reserve permit holders may park in lots noted as Commuter or Reserve on the Campus Parking Map. Housing permit holders may not cross-park at any time. During certain events on campus, Cross-Parking may be restricted in order to accommodate visitors.

Intersession Parking

Intersession Parking is defined as an extended period of time when cross-parking is permitted, during times when classes are not normally in session (such as holidays) or between semesters. Regulations for intersession cross-parking are of two varieties, Winter Intersession Parking and Regular Intersession Parking.

Winter Intersession parking
From Monday, December 19 through Friday, January 6, holiday cross-parking rules are in effect in all reserve and commuter surface lots. Cross-parking is on a space-available basis and may be affected by the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl on Thursday, December 22.

Cross-parking is not available for Resident West (RW) or Resident Central (RC) permit holders, and cross-parking is NOT allowed in Plaza lots, Resident zone areas, or in the Brady Street and Lincoln Avenue garages.

Resident West (RW) or Resident Central (RC) permit holders leaving vehicles for extended periods of time during holiday parking dates, are asked to park in the level just below the top floor of the garages.

Regular Intersession parking
Regular Intersession parking allows regular cross-parking rules, outlined above, in all Commuter and Reserve lots.

Regular Inter-session parking is allowed during the following times:

  • Thanksgiving holiday week
  • When classes aren’t scheduled during Spring Break
  • Break between the last summer session and the beginning of fall semester
  • Any holiday the University is closed.


Intersession and cross-parking is included with all Commuter and Reserve permits automatically.


See Parking Permit/Fee Cost schedule.