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Citations and Towing

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It is the responsibility of those who choose to drive and park at Boise State University to read and fully understand these regulations. Those vehicles found in violation may be cited, fined, and/or impounded.

For details on these rules and regulations, please click the following link: Rules and Regulations

Towing and Impounding

The University reserves the right to impound and/or tow, at owner’s expense, any vehicle with or without a parking permit which violates parking regulations. Any vehicle parking in a fire lane will be ticketed, impounded and/or towed at time of violation, at owner’s expense. Any vehicle parking in a designated accessible space without a valid accessible permit or designated accessible special parking permit will be ticketed, impounded and/or towed at time of violation.

Towing is done by B & W Wrecker Service, 20 S. Garden Boise (Phone 342-2541). All towing fees must be paid with cash or credit card to the towing company to obtain release of vehicle. The University assumes no responsibility in the event of damages resulting from towing of a vehicle.

Reporting a Stolen Permit

If your permit has been stolen, please report it to the Boise Police Department at the following link: Boise City Online Crime Reporting. Once you have completed your report, please visit the Transit Center and we will work to get you a replacement.

Accessibility Statement: Transportation and Parking Management Customer Portal
January, 2019

Office of Information Technology, Boise State University, acknowledges that the current version of the new parking management customer portal is not fully accessible. The Department of Public Safety is targeting the Spring 2019 semester to implement a fully accessible version of the customer portal.

In the interim, end users needing assistance using the customer portal for online purchase of a parking permit, payment of a parking citation, or filing an appeal, are encouraged to call the Transit Center office, 208-426-PARK (7275), or visit, for help with navigating the customer portal.