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Carpool Registration

Transportation and Parking Services Carpool Policies and Procedures

Purpose: Carpools are an important alternative to single occupancy vehicles on campus. Carpooling lessens the environmental impact of motor vehicles and reduces the demand for parking.

Definition: A carpool is defined as: two or more employees, students, and/or faculty members who drive to Boise State University campus together in one vehicle on a regular basis.

Policy: Faculty, staff, and students with a valid Boise State Identification number and who meet all eligibility and priority requirements for an annual or semester parking permit may register as a member of a carpool. Faculty and staff must submit a new carpool registration online at the beginning of each fiscal year to Transportation and Parking Services for approval. Students must submit a new carpool registration online at the beginning of each semester to Transportation and Parking Services for approval.

Each registered carpool member is responsible for:

  • 1. Registering and maintaining accurate identification and vehicle information through the online carpool registration form,
  • 2. Returning permit when the carpool is disbanded and/or parking is no longer needed, and
  • 3. Notifying Boise State Transportation and Parking Services when a carpool member leaves and/or a new carpool member joins.

Procedure: One (1) permit will be issued per carpool member after online registration has been completed and eligibility is reviewed and approved (see eligibility requirements below). Carpool permits can only be purchased in-office at the Transportation and Parking Services Transit Center, located in the Student Union Building at 1700 University Drive. Each registered and approved member of the carpool may receive three (3) free temporary one day permits per semester, or a total of six (6) each parking year, for use (in conjunction with individual carpool permit) in any commuter lot on campus when not driving with the carpool group. Two or more valid carpool permits are required to park in Boise State University designated carpool spaces. Carpool permits must be properly displayed in a vehicle that is registered to the carpool group. Carpool members are not eligible to purchase any additional annual zone permits.

Eligibility: The following criteria are used by Boise State Transportation and Parking Services in determining carpool eligibility:

  • A. The permit holder must have a valid Boise State Identification number, no outstanding citation penalties, and an updated parking account.
  • B. The group members commute path and scheduled time on campus must be reasonably similar.
  • C. New members who currently have a Know Your Zone parking permit must return any current permit before registering as a carpool member.
  • D. The permit holder is responsible for notifying Boise State Transportation and Parking Services of vehicle plate changes or scheduled commute as carpool members cancel their assignment.
  • E. Transportation and Parking Services has the right to reserve spaces/lots/structures for event parking on campus. Parking may be sold at the lot entrances on a first-come, first-served basis. Lots restricted for an event will be posted at the entrance to the lot and/or on our webpage at
  • F. Transportation and Parking Services has the authority to close spaces/lots/structures for construction, maintenance or safety issues. Permit holders will be notified in advance of non-emeregency lot closures.
  • G. Carpool members may not register under more than one carpool. Permits are not valid in restricted areas such as: fire lanes, meters, designated spaces, accessible stalls, motorcycle stalls, loading zones, construction areas, sidewalks, access aisles, driveways, grass areas or lots/structures staffed during Special Events. This list is not exhaustive. Always obey curbside signage when parking.
  • H. Parking in restricted areas may result in being cited,fined, and/or impounded.
  • I. If all campus carpool spaces are full, a registered carpool group may park in the Plaza Visitor lot in properly marked carpool spaces until 10:00 a.m. Immediately report spaces as full by calling 426-PARK (7275).
  • J. Failure to follow Boise State Transportation and Parking Services policies may result in your carpool parking privileges being revoked.

Liability: The carpool liability form must be digitally signed by each group member prior to carpool permit purchase.

Each group member understands that this program is totally voluntary, and has read and agreed to the terms listed above in the Boise State University Transportation and Parking Services Carpool Policies and Procedures. Each group member is hereby informed and acknowledges their understanding that participation in this carpooling program is strictly voluntary and that such participation is not an activity within the course and scope of enrollment or employment and is not required. Each group member assumes full responsibility for all risk of injury or loss, including death, which may result from participation in the carpooling program.

Each group member hereby affirms that they have consulted with a representative of their automobile insurance company and have secured appropriate levels of insurance to protect against the liability risks presented by carpooling.

Each group member is further informed and understands that a carpooling program is provided by Boise State University for the benefit of its students and employees. The University has not examined and makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy, validity, or severity of the motor vehicle records, criminal records, civil judgment records or any or other personal information of individuals offering to participate in the carpooling program. In consideration for the opportunity to participate in the carpooling program, the participant in the carpooling program, identified herein, does hereby release, indemnify, hold harmless and forever discharge Boise State University and its directors, officers, employees, agents, affiliates, successors and assigns, individually and in their official capacity, from any and all claims, actions, demands, causes of action, debts, damages, costs, expenses, lawsuits, judgments, and liabilities of every kind and nature, whether known or unknown, in law or equity, including attorney fees, arising out of, concerning or in any way related to participation in the carpooling program.

Each group member must certify that they have read the foregoing paragraphs and fully understand the terms contained therein. Each group member must accept these terms freely and without inducement and verify that the information submitted is true and correct.

Please visit the Transit Center in order to apply for a Carpool permit.