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Parking Management System Transition

The Department of Public Safety will be implementing a new parking management system to better serve students and university staff beginning this Fall through early Spring, 2017.  The first phase will focus on updating our administrative functions.

Purchasing permits will continue to be available in person at the Transit Center Office located in the Student Union Building.  The second phase of the implementation, scheduled for later this Fall, focuses on a new customer portal.

During this transition, you will notice when you visit the website that the ability to pay for citations online will temporarily be handled in person by visiting the Transit Center office or by calling the Transit Office for assistance.

For more information, please visit the Public Safety Transportation Website or call 208-426-PARK.   Watch for more details on the Transportation and Parking web site over the next few months as the new system is implemented.

Questions, please call 208-426-PARK

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will the ability to pay for citations online be unavailable?

Our target is to have this transition completed in early January, 2017.  We are working to mitigate any inconveniences that will be caused from our website being down and hope to complete this phase of the project ASAP.

If I can’t pay for my citations online will I still receive a late fee?

No.  The deadline to pay citations will not be enforced in this interim time period.  If you are unable to pay the citation in person at the Transit Center in the Student Union Building please call our offices at 208-426-PARK to see if you qualify for a phone payment option.

Why is the new software program being implemented?

Our goal is to provide exceptional service.  The new software has greater functionality.  Customers will have access to more information online.  Staff will have the ability to decrease transaction time which will provide a more positive customer experience.

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