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Alternative Parking

Although you may know us through automobile parking, Boise State University Transportation & Parking Services is deeply devoted to promoting alternative means of transportation. From bicycling to ridesharing, alternative means of transportation reduce the stress on the environment, help alleviate the campus parking shortage, and save everyone a great deal of money!

Here you will find a great many resources to help you plan your commute to campus, or get around town now that you are here. If you feel we have missed anything, or if you have any questions or suggestions concerning the information provided here, please  contact us. We will be happy to hear from you! Join us on Twitter and Facebook as well!

Participating Organizations:

Many Transportation Options to Choose From:

Guaranteed Ride Home Program - Commuteride

Carpool, vanpool, ride a bus, bike, or walk and you are GUARANTEED a ride home in case of emergency!

If you carpool, vanpool, ride a bus, walk, or bike to Boise State,you qualify for the Guaranteed Ride Home Program. Never again worry about needing your car in case of emergency! To get started,register with Commuteride. Registration forms are available at the Boise State University Transportation & Parking Services Office. If you have a valid emergency and need to go home, just call a taxi, pay the fare and submit the receipt to Commuteride for reimbursement. When registered, you are eligible for up to six rides per year or a $300 maximum benefit per year (whichever occurs first).

Click for more details: Guaranteed Ride Home Program

Ride the Boise State University Shuttle

The Bronco Shuttle is a free service provided by Boise State University Department of Public Safety, which carries students, faculty, and guests all around campus. The shuttle operates daily on a regular schedule, ensuring that everyone can get where they are going in a timely manner.

During peak hours (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) the shuttle frequency is approximately every eight minutes. During non-peak shuttle hours (5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.) shuttle frequency is approximately every fifteen minutes.

BSU DPS Bronco Shuttle

Track the Boise State Shuttle on your computer or cell phone by following the link below!

LIVE Bronco Shuttle



“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.”
-John F Kennedy

Boise State University offers a huge amount of support and amenities for those who choose to ride bicycles. In fact, it is the recommended mode of transportation for everyone who wishes to frequent our beautiful campus! As such, we wish to offer as much information as possible for those of you who wish to take advantage of this superior form of travel. Riding a bicycle to and within the Boise State campus has many advantages over driving a car.

For one, parking is not an issue. While we do our best to have convenient automobile parking for all Boise State students, guests, and faculty, the simple fact is that each driver will not always find the best parking space for their destination. But, with well over 1000 official bike “parking spaces” on campus, and a bike rack on nearly every corner, those who ride bikes can almost always park right next to their destination! Add that to the fact that bikes are great exercise, help preserve the environment, and save you money on gas and car expenses… well, you get the idea!

We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone who wants to ride a bicycle to Boise State University. Below, you will find find information and links which will help keep your bike transit safe and convenient.

Bike Racks/Parking

Boise State University has tons of bicycle parking! There are racks located at or near almost every building on campus. This allows students, faculty, and staff to ride free of worry that they will not be able to lock their bike up close to their class or office.

Bicycle theft and vandalism are real concerns on any college campus, and Boise State is no exception. Campus Security and Transportation & Parking Services personnel do their best to keep a watchful eye, but they can’t be everywhere at once.

The Bike Barn with two locations, one located inside the Brady Garage (University Drive between Earle and Brady streets) and one inside the Lincoln Garage (the corner of University Drive and Lincoln Avenue), the Bike Barn is a fenced-off area that can house more than 65 bikes. Only those who have registered for the Bike Barn have access, via a keycard entry gate. The Bike Barn keeps bikes out of inclement weather and the damage* and additional maintenance costs that go along with it.

The cost for access to the Bike Barns is $15 per semester. For more information, please contact us. (TPS Contact Page)

*Boise State University Transportation & Parking Services is not responsible for lost or stolen items in the Bike Barns.

Transportation & Parking Services wants to remind you that, though bicycling has many advantages over driving, proper safety precautions MUST be followed. Always wear a helmet, be mindful of traffic, obey traffic rules, ensure visibility (via bright clothing, reflectors, and lights), and keep your bike maintained properly for maximum performance.

Ninety-one percent of bicyclists killed in 2008 reportedly weren’t wearing helmets!

Bicyclist deaths by helmet use, 1998-2008

YearNo Helmet UseHelmet UseTotal*
*Total includes other and/or unknowns
This table shows a break down of bicyclist deaths. Breaks down number of deaths per year of helmet use vs. helmet use.


Learn How to Properly Fit a Bicycle Helmet
Plan Your Route
Maintenance Service & Training
Recreational Services
Policies and Regulations

Ride the Bus

Students ride ***FREE*** on all Valley Ride buses! Just get a bus sticker on your Bronco Card (also FREE), and go wherever you need to go without ever needing a car! With Valley Ride bus lines that run from Boise State University campus, to downtown, to the mall, to the airport, and most other Boise areas, there’s virtually nowhere you can’t go just for being a Boise State student. Also available for faculty and staff.

Your Boise State Bronco Card is the Key to ***FREE*** Bus Transit!

Valleyride Website

Wherever you see the Valley Ride signs, you can ride for free by showing the driver your Boise State Bronco Card with the “BUS” sticker affixed to it.

If your card does not have a valid bus sticker, you may obtain one for free at either the Transportation & Parking Services Office or at the Bronco Card Office. Transportation & Parking Services is located by the west entrance of the Student Union Building in the Transit Center. The Bronco Card Office is located inside of the Student Union Building.

Valley Ride has many destinations and routes for most people’s needs.
Park & Ride facilities on most routes
Biking and Riding the Bus? No Problem!

Carpool or Vanpool

Let’s face it, not everyone is able to bike or take the bus. In these cases, driving is a must. Fortunately, there are also several carpool or vanpool options available! Help save money and the environment by riding with others on your commute.

Those who wish to carpool to and from the Boise State University campus have several attractive options to choose from. Transportation & Parking Services offers a carpool permit, which allows people to park in special carpool spots all around campus. Commuteride also offers both vanpool and carpool services, which will set you up with other people who share a similar commute. These options are detailed below:

Boise State Carpool Permits
  • Park in special carpool only parking spots, conveniently located all across campus.
  • Simply bring two or more similar class or work schedules to the Transportation & Parking Services office to register for a carpool permit (carpool permits are not available for online purchase).
  • Cost of a carpool permit is the same as regular reserved permits.
  • For more information, contact us (TPS Contact Page) or call us at (208)426-PARK (7275)
Commuteride Carpool and Vanpool Services