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Accessible Permits

Rules and regulations governing parking are in effect 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year unless otherwise specified.

Accessible Parking:

accessible parkingDesignated Accessible Parking Spaces are available in most lots on campus. Vehicles displaying a valid Boise State Accessible permit may park in these spaces as well as all other legal parking spaces on campus with the exception of Designated Reserve Spaces or spaces otherwise marked for a specific use (i.e. Carpool Spaces, BSU Service Vehicle Spaces). Boise State Accessible Permit Holders may not park in Service Vehicle Spaces or Loading Zones for longer than 15 minutes. Accessible Permit Holders who do not use a wheelchair are asked to park in an available regular space before taking an Accessible Space that provides additional room for ramps or lifts in order to maintain their availability to those Accessible Permit Holders utilizing a wheelchair.

Any vehicle parked in a Designated Accessible Parking Space without a valid Boise State University Accessible Parking Permit will be ticketed and/or impounded at time of violation. Please notify Boise State Transportation & Parking Services at 426-PARK (7275) when an unauthorized vehicle is occupying an Accessible Space. A Boise State Accessible Permit is for exclusive use of the Permit Holder who has verified Division of Motor Vehicles Temporary or Permanent Accessible Placards or Plates and is subject to revocation if used in violation of Transportation & Parking Rules and Regulations.

Individuals with permanent or long-term temporary disabilities must submit the appropriate documentation to verify an approved application through the Idaho Transportation Department, Division of Motor Vehicles for temporary or permanent disability placards or plates in order to obtain a Boise State University Accessible permit.

Boise State University Transportation & Parking Services offers a temporary, thirty (30) day maximum accessible permit at no charge to students, staff, and faculty who obtain a recommendation from their physician. The issuance of a 30 day, no charge accessible permit is limited to one per academic year. Application for a temporary disability placard must be submitted and approved through the Idaho Transportation Department, Division of Motor Vehicles, and a BSU Parking Permit must be purchased in order to obtain accessible parking extending beyond 30 days. The link to the application form for temporary or permanent disability placards is located on the Idaho Transportation Department Website, Apply for Disability Parking.

Accessible Permit Pricing

Accessible Parking – State Disability Placard:

Individuals with a State Issued Disability License Plate or Placard but Not having a Boise State University issued Disability Permit are subject to the following:

  • Authorized to park in any public parking space with metered parking without being required to pay any parking meter fee.
  • Special parking privileges do NOT apply to those zones or areas in which the stopping, parking, or standing of all vehicles is prohibited or which are reserved for special types of vehicles; to areas where vehicular parking is prohibited for periods in excess of forty-eight (48) hours; or to areas where parking is prohibited for certain periods of time in order to allow snow removal, street construction or maintenance, or for other emergency purposes.


After early July, valid Beginning to End of Academic Year (xx August to xx August, varies year to year)
See Parking Permit/Fee Cost Schedule