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Electric Car Chargers on Campus!
Electric Car ChargerSome people get a real charge out of driving cutting-edge vehicles. Boise State’s goal is to help them keep those vehicles ready to hit the road.

To that end, two new electric vehicle-charging stations have been installed by Facilities Operations and Maintenance in the Lincoln Avenue Garage just behind the Cycle Learning Center. Each can reach to two parking spaces, although only one car at a time can charge at either station.

Boise State is the first university in the state of Idaho to have chargers on campus that are available to the public. The stations can be utilized by anyone with a Lincoln Avenue Garage parking permit or who pays the $1.50/per hour parking fee.

Only three other Treasure Valley chargers are listed online: at Hewlett-Packard on Chinden Boulevard, Dennis Dillon Nissan on Fairview Avenue and Electrical Training Center-Joint Apprenticeship on E. 34th Street.

The university hopes to eventually add about 10 electric service vehicles to the single electric vehicle it now owns. The vehicles will be charged about every other day, at a cost of $2-$4 per charge.

Nicole Nimmons, executive director of Transportation and Parking Services, said the department would eventually like to see additional charging stations at the Administration Building Plaza, Bronco Stadium, the Student Union and near student housing.
Update - New Boise State Plaza and Parking Lot Change

New Boise State Plaza

Update - New Boise State Plaza and Parking Lot Change

As part of the University's Master plan, construction of the new Boise State Plaza is going as planned and, as a result, parking in the Plaza Lot is changing. Over Spring Break (March 22nd - March 31st) both portions of the lot will be closed for construction. During this time Guest and Visitor Parking as well as accessible parking will be available in the in the small driveway lot between the Campus School and the Math Building.

After Spring Break, Guest and Visitor and accessible parking will be available in the lot west of the Plaza. If construction continues as planned, this parking layout will last until May 31st at which time both portions of the lot will be available for parking, but additional construction will continue to take place through November.

The following files provide more detailed information on the construction plans surrounding the Plaza:

Daily parkers will be encouraged to park in alternate visitor parking lots such as Brady Garage and Lincoln Avenue Garage. The parking rates in the Brady and Lincoln Avenue Garages will remain at the same rate as last year, $1.50 per hour. The new visitors lots created on either side of the plaza will have a parking rate of $3.00 per hour. All other parking rates on campus, whether for metered, garage or lot parking, will not change from last year. 

For students and staff wishing to identify parking options outside of the Administration Visitor Lot, Transportation and Parking Services staff is available to provide assistance. Visit the Transit Center, in the Student Union Building, call (208)426-7275, or contact us on the web. 

Cross Parking Hours Change to Accommodate Class Schedules

Transportation and Parking Services is excited to announce extended hours for cross parking starting at 4:00p.m.  After review of the class schedules, parking is available at 4:00pm in the T Parking lot, located by the Brady St. Garage. The new start time is aimed to accommodate those who have a class start time of 4:30p.m.

In general, cross parking is permitted from 4:00 p.m.-12:30 a.m. Monday through Friday and all day on Saturday and Sunday.  Overnight parking is not allowed on campus without prior approval.

If you have a General parking permit:

You may park in General permit areas at any time*

You may park in the T reserved lot after 4:00p.m and on weekends.

If you have a Reserved parking permit:

You may park in your assigned Reserved lot at any time*

You may park in the T lot area, or in General permit required areas after 4:00p.m, Monday-Friday and on weekends.

*During certain events on campus, cross parking may be restricted in order to accommodate visitors.

Cross parking is not applicable anytime in pay areas such as parking garages, meters, or the Administration Visitors lot. Pay areas require payment of the hourly rate at all times, even when classes are not in session and during Intersession. 

Boise State housing and residence life permits do not authorize cross parking into commuter permit areas.  Similarly, commuter permit holders are not authorized to park in university housing permit areas.

Transportation and Parking Services staff is available to provide assistance. Visit the Transit Center, in the Student Union Building, call 208-426-7275, or contact us on the web. 

Changes to Valley Ride Bus Services
Effective January 6th, service by Valley Regional Transit will change routes: 

The major upcoming changes in ValleyRide inter county service are a route change to Route 42, the addition of a second round-trip run of Route 43 and the elimination of late night service on the Route 45. VRT also will modify the section of the route that currently travels on University between Lincoln and Broadway. Instead, the bus will travel along Beacon between Lincoln and Broadway.This will impact routes 40, 42, 43 and 44. The stop on University at the Lincoln Garage would replace the stop at University and Michigan. A stop at Beacon and Grant would replace the stop at Grant and University.

For more information, please visit the Valley Ride website:

Lusk Street Parking Changes
Upcoming City Parking Changes – Lusk Street Area – Off Campus

Due to upcoming developments in the Lusk Street area, City of Boise Parking Services will begin implementation of multi-space meter technology on Lusk Street and two (2) hour time zones on surrounding streets. Changes will be starting in late December. The Lusk Street area is east of Capitol Boulevard and south of the Boise River. 

The City has asked the University to assist them with informing those who may be impacted by the City’s decision. This communication is to pass the City’s information on to students, faculty, and staff who may utilize on-street (off-campus) parking spaces in this area. The City will begin implementing the regulation changes and begin enforcement soon. 

For those who have utilized this area for daily parking, reserved parking permits are available for purchase for the spring semester now at a reduced rate of $160 student and $189 staff.  General Permits are available, $59 for students and $87 for staff members.

Hourly parking is available in the T Reserved Lot.  The payment kiosk is located on the south side of the Tower’s Reserved (T-Reserved) Lot by the Micron Business and Economics Building, and in the Brady Street and Lincoln Avenue Garages for $1.50 per hour. 

To inquire about City of Boise parking in the Lusk Street area or other off-campus areas, please visit or contact The City of Boise Parking Services at  -  Phone 2080-384-3770

To inquire about on-campus parking or alternative transportation options, please visit or contact Boise State Transportation & Parking Services at  -  Phone 208-426-7275

Transportation and Parking Operations has moved

Transportation and Parking Services operations, including administration, events and operations personnel, are moving from the Lincoln Avenue Parking Garage offices to the Chrisway Annex at 1406 Chrisway, the former location of the Math Learning Center.

The customer service desk for Transportation and Parking Services (TPS) will remain in the Transit Center in the Student Union Building.

Exciting Changes Coming Soon

More Parking for Boise State in 2014

In an effort to continually make new parking options available to the university community, Boise State announces plans to create a new park and ride lot near the airport. Called the Elder Street Park and Ride, the parking lot will provide an extra 128 parking spaces, be located across the street from Applebee’s Restaurant on west Elder Street and should be completed by fall 2014.

The new park and ride lot is a joint venture between Boise’s city bus company, ValleyRide, the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) and Boise State, and will service both the university community and the public. The cost to park will be low, just enough to ensure Boise State community members are identified from those that may try to park and fly. ValleyRide buses will provide bus service to campus and back to the lot throughout the day, and the Boise State shuttle buses will be located at the lot and provide service to campus and back on their initial route to campus and on their final route from campus back to the lot.

Administration Visitor Lot Update

Construction will start on the recently announced Administration Plaza the beginning of November, leaving open the eastern section of the Administration Visitor Lot (AVL) only for visitor, accessible and departmental special use parking. The eastern section of the lot will remain open through most of the construction, which is expected to continue through May 2014. The attendant’s booth will be relocated to the east, but all other operations will stay the same.

The double bus shelter on University Ave. in front of the AVL will be relocated to a new park and ride lot, though the bus stop itself will remain. In inclement weather, students and staff are encouraged to wait for their bus at the Transit Center in the Student Union Building.  Transportation and Parking Services will continue to centralize services at the Transit Center, as the hub for transportation on campus.

We Have Moved! To the Transit Center Located in the Student Union Building (SUB)

Transportation and Parking Customer Service Operations (Frontline) has moved to the Transit Center at the Student Union Building (SUB) effective Monday, July 29th, 2013. All other Transportation and Parking Services operations will remain at the Lincoln Ave. Parking Garage until further notice.

Transportation and Parking Customer Service Operations’ (Frontline) New Address is: 1700 University Dr, Boise, ID 83725-1290(SUB Transit Center).

Administration Visitor's Lot Validation Reimbursement
AVL Lot Validation Stamp Reimbursement Process

Validation stamps for the Administration Visitor Lot (AVL) are no longer valid as the payment collection process is through pay kiosks now.  A new validation code process will replace the validation stamps.

Those departments that still have validation stamps and would like to be reimbursed, please read the below.  

  1. Return stamps for reimbursement to Transportation and Parking Services (TPS)
     . (The office of TPS has moved to the Transit Center in the Student Union
    TPS staff 
    the value of your department’s stamps and issue a refund 
    by an inter-departmental charge (IDC)
    ; please include your DEPT ID number for this refund
     . Note that the stamps will expire on June 30, 2014, and no other reimbursements will be distributed after that date.
  2. Reimbursement amounts for the stamps will be the same amount as the departmental price your department paid:
    • A book of 50 stamps, 1 hour = $55.00
    • A book of 50 stamps, ½ hour = for $27.00
    • Single stamps –  1 hour = $1.10  each, ½ hour = $.54 each
  1. Validation codes will replace validation stamps. Your department can obtain validation codes by filling out a new Administration Visitor Lot Validation Code Request Form located at, choose the category “Permit” and the form AVL Validation Code Request. Each code costs $3.00 and is valid per one time us
Please return validation stamps to Transportation and Parking Services office
(Transit Center, Student Unioin) 
in person, or via mail at mailstop 1290. For questions please email
Administration Visitor's Lot Payment Changes - August 5

Beginning Monday, August 5, there will be a new payment procedure for the Administration Visitor's Parking Lot. Please read the following advisory for details:

General and Reserve Commuter Permits for the 2013-2014 Academic Year are now available for purchase online!

2013-2014 Academic Year Permit Fees

  • Student General Permits: $118
  • Student Reserve Permits: $320
  • Faculty and Staff General Permits: $174
  • Faculty and Staff Reserve Permits: $377

Click here and enter your myBoiseState Username and Password at the “Boise State University Student or Employee” link.

Please refer to the color-coded and labeled map on our website to locate the valid parking area for the Permit you have purchased: Click to view map

  • Remember, General Permits authorize parking in General Permit Areas only, on a first come, first served basis.
  • Reserve Permits are site specific and guarantee parking within the assigned Reserve Permit Area. Reserve Permit availability is limited and Transportation and Parking Services recommends purchasing your Reserve Permit today while quantities last.
Residential Permits for the 2013-2014 Academic Year are also available for purchase online

Please refer to our fee schedule for Residential Permit pricing information:

If you are scheduled to live on campus at a Residence Hall or Apartment Complex for Fall 2013, you are authorized to purchase a specific Residential Permit according to your assigned Residence Hall or Apartment Complex which allows overnight parking on campus in the specified location.

You will receive your Residential Permit as part of the check in process on Residence Hall Move-In Day.

If you are not sure what Residential Permit you are authorized to purchase, please refer to our Rules and Regulations for Apartments and Residence Halls:

Boise State Parking Permits Compared to Peer Universities

Each year, we gather the most current information about parking permit pricing in similarly-sized universities across the country, in an effort to maintain transparency about Boise State University permit pricing. Below you will find a comparison chart displaying our parking permit prices, along with our peer universities, and the national average for schools of our size:

Pay for Parking by Phone
No longer do you have to search for change to pay for parking. You can now conveniently pay by phone to park at campus meters and in the parking garages. Click here to learn more!
Mathematics/Geosciences Building Renovation

Beginning Friday, February 22, renovation will begin on the Mathematics/Geosciences building. This project will impact access to the building itself as well as some parking in the Administration Visitor Lot. Please refer to the advisory and map linked below for more details:

Community Transportation Association of Idaho - I-Way!

If you are tired of relying on automobile transportation as your sole means of getting around our beautiful state, we encourage you to explore the multitude of options available. The Community Transportation Association of Idaho (CTAI) has set up a wonderful resounce to that end, called I-Way: