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May In Motion
New Shuttle Routes Starting March 16th!
Boise State University Transportation and Parking Services will implement new routes for the Bronco Shuttle beginning March 16. The Blue and Orange routes have each been enhanced to better serve the needs of patrons while also becoming more efficient. 

In an effort to better travel times and reduce emissions, the Blue route will cut to one shuttle which will run a dedicated loop around the campus core. The route will begin at the Student Union Transit Center and run west to Earle Street continuing in a clockwise pattern along West Cesar Chavez Lane, around the east end of Albertsons Stadium and back to University Drive. The improved, shorter Blue Line route is expected to work on an 11-minute cycle, improving travel times for patrons.

Consequently, with the Blue Line serving solely the campus core, the Orange Line will adjust to better serve the greater campus district. The Orange Line will also begin at the Student Union Transit Center and will continue on to Capital Boulevard and Broad Street in downtown Boise as it always has. Upon its return via Ninth Street, the Orange Line will modify its route, picking up the former Blue Line circle which runs around Royal Drive, Dale Street and Sherwood Street, returning back to campus across Capital Boulevard on University Drive. Once back on campus, the Orange Line will circle around University Drive, Grant Avenue, Belmont Street, Lincoln Avenue and back to the Transit Station. 

In addition to replacing the Blue Line on west campus near Ann Morrison Park, the Orange Line will eliminate services to the Yanke Research Park on Parkcenter Boulevard. To resolve the loss of a shuttle line to the Yanke Research Park, a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon will be installed in front of the complex, allowing pedestrians to cross Parkcenter and utilize public transportation, Valley Ride’s Route 1, to travel to and from the main Boise State campus. All Boise State faculty, staff and students can ride any Valley Ride Bus Transportation route free of charge with the use of a bus sticker. Bus stickers can be acquired at the Boise State Student Union Transit Center. 

Changes on both lines will cause the renumbering of each stop with most stops remaining in the same location. A live shuttle map, which uses GPS, is available to track the shuttle throughout the day. Visit to use the live shuttle map.

Transportation and Parking Services encourages all faculty, staff, students, visitors and the general public to use the shuttles free of charge. Patrons are encouraged to not only use the shuttle for campus transportation, but also for transportation to the downtown area for classes, business, meetings, dining and other events. 

The Bronco Shuttle runs during the fall and spring semesters. The Blue Line runs from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Fridays. The Orange Line is scheduled from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Fridays. 

For more information about the Bronco Shuttle or Boise State Transportation and Parking Services, visit: 

See the following document for details:
New Citation Rates
Permit prices for the 2014-15 academic year will remain the same as the previous year.  However, there will be a new citation model in effect beginning August 15.  In this new model, citation rates will remain unchanged, however the rate will increase with repeat offenses.  This model, known as the "Graduated Citation Model", ensures that the majority of the campus population will not be affected by the rate increase, and campus parking will be less impacted by parking violations overall.

To learn more about the Graduated Citation Model and permit rates, please read the following advisory:
Bikes/Pedestrian Changes in Plaza
In an effort to maintain a bike-friendly campus, Boise State University will begin the enlargement of the plaza located between the Mathematics/Geoscience Building, the Interactive Learning Center (ILC) and the Public Affairs and Arts West (PAAW) Building, June 30. The improvements will include a larger pedestrian and bicycle plaza which provides safer access to campus from Chrisway Street, as well as the addition of bike racks and landscaping. 

The project is scheduled to begin Monday, June 30 and will run through mid-to-late-August. 

East entrances to the PAAW building will be closed during the construction period and access to the Print Shop can be found through the interior of the building. Occupants of the surrounding buildings are encouraged to keep windows closed to avoid dust and noise from the renovation. 

In addition to the pedestrian and bicycle plaza renovation, the Plaza Lot West parking lot will be closed as a staging area for construction. Once construction on the pedestrian and bicycle plaza is complete, Boise State Transportation and Parking Services will seal coat the parking lot, completing the new front entrance to the University.  

Fencing and detour signs will be placed to assist in directing pedestrians and bicyclists around the construction. Those displaced from the Plaza Lot West are encouraged to park in the newly completed Parking Lot East, located at the east end of the Administration Plaza.  

Summer Maintenance Parking Advisory
During the summer, areas of campus parking lot will be undergoing routing maintenance. This will cause some parking lot closures and will affect traffic flow.  Please review the different sections of this advisory to see how parking maintenance will affect campus. 

Transportation and Parking Services plans to clean the lots, fill large cracks, seal coat and repaint the selected lots. This routine maintenance is important in keeping the lots usable, safe and aesthetically pleasing. 

Further campus paint renovations, including street markings, curbs, crosswalks, fire lanes and stall numbers, will be done throughout the summer as well. The area of W. Capital to Chrisway and Broadway to the Boise River will go through paint renovations May 27-June 12. The area of Chrisway to the West Stadium and University to the Boise River will be repainted June 16-July 7, while the East Stadium, Allen Noble Hall of Fame and any remaining areas will be done July 7-August 8.

Lots that will temporarily close throughout the summer include:

    • Plaza East Lot – May 27 – May 30
    • Health Sciences Riverside North Lot – June 9-20
    • Liberal Arts Lot– June 23-July 3
    • University & Chrisway Lot – July 7-18
    • University Drive Central Lot (Formerly University Christian Church Lot) – July 21-August 1
    • Children’s Center Lot – August 4-8
    • Plaza West Lot – August 11 -19